Katrina Kaif for her alchoholic role in Zero had drawn inspiration from Hollywood stars like Lindsay Lohan and Demi Moore

In report by Midday according to a source Katrina Kaif for her role in Zero to play the character of an alchoholic had drawn inspiration from Hollywood stars like Lindsay Lohan, Demi Moore and more.

Considering the part was unfamiliar territory for her, she apparently turned to the personal journeys of Hollywood stars Liza Minnelli, Demi Moore and Lindsay Lohan — all of whom have battled alcohol abuse at different points in their career — for inspiration.

We have seen in the past in films like Tanu Weds Mannu, Tanu Weds Mannu Returns and Ranjhanaa, director Anand L Rai has managed to get some of the best performances of their career from actors like Kangana Ranaut, R Madhavan, Swara Bhaskar, Sonam Kapoor and more.

Considering his knack in doing so, it’s no surprise that in Zero, Katrina Kaif’s first collaboration with the director will see has taking on a layered role of an actor battling alcoholism.

“It’s definitely one of Katrina’s toughest roles to date. In order to understand the psyche of a star who resorts to alcoholism, she did extensive research on Hollywood stars who battled similar demons,” reveals a source from the film’s unit.

The trajectories of Minnelli and Lohan served as the perfect blueprint — while the veteran actor had famously said that she “inherited” her drinking problem, presumably alluding to mother Judy Garland, Lohan too struggled with alcoholism after catapulting to superstardom.

“Katrina read up on their stories to bring more gravitas to her role. Demi Moore, for instance, has spoken at length about how she would constantly be having thoughts of self-destruction, regardless of the success that came her way. Katrina also read up on Lohan’s stints in the rehab. She also referred to books like Blackout and More, Now, Again that includes stories of people at different stages of addiction and how they kicked the habit.”

Shahrukh Khan too tweeted about Katrina’s look and role in the movie saying saying, “There are so many lovely pictures of her, but this one speaks to me beyond my friends beauty….hope u all also give it love.”

He further wrote a note in the same tweet saying, “We know she is beautiful. We know she has set our hearts fluttering. She has loved like she has never been hurt. She dances like nobody’s watching. She has lived like it’s heaven on earth. But all us actors wait for the moment when we can sink our teeth into a character deeper than beauty and it’s trappings. Here’s my friend on her birthday braving to enthrall us in a new avatar. You may ask ‘why so serious?’ Hmmm…Aapka pata nahi, mujhe to gusse mein yeh aur bhi haseen lagti hai (Do not know about you but she looks all the more beautiful to me when she’s angry)…Happy Birthday my brave and beautiful Katrina…Love, Shah Rukh”

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