2.0 Trailer: Rajnikanth and Akshay Kumar promise an action packed film with stunning visual effects!

The much awaited Rajnikanth and Akshay Kumar starrer 2.0 Trailer is finally out, and it lives up to every bit of the anxious wait that all the fans patiently did for so many months now.

It’s gripping, action-packed, with to die for visual and some stunning effects all across the trailer, this one you can already make out will hit the bulls eye at the Box Office.

Keeping in to the tone of the modern times it asks a very important question through it’s just two minute long trailer that what happens when the technology, which has become an integral part of our lifestyle, turns out to be our worst feared enemy?

As already given a glimpse in the teaser, the residents of a city seemingly Chennai, are shocked and surprised as their phones start disappearing all of a sudden as if flying away from their hands in thin air.

So does Rajnikanth’s cell phone who is seen playing the role of Dr Vaseegaran just like it’s first installment and is equally shocked at the events like others.

The flying cell phones assembling into a huge bird-like figure is terrorising the people when enters the saviour Chitti, again Rajnikanth reprising the role like in the prequel.

The show stealer in terms of looks is Akshay Kumar playing Dr Richards who is behind the menace in the city and the sudden disappearing of phones.

Akshay says, “Cellphone rakhnewala har vyakti hathyara hai.” Thus sparks of the face-off between Chitti and the antagonist Dr Richards and the visuals in these scenes are beyond stellar.

We also get a glimpse of Amy Jackson, who is apparently playing the role of a robot in the film. The most expensive film of India, 2.0 was supposed to release in Diwali last year. However, the release date of the film has got postponed three times.

It is finally set to hit theatres on November 29. But, meeting the technical challenges to complete the project was not an easy task for the filmmakers. A Hollywood special effects studio that was supposed to deliver the film last year for an October release gave up on the project halfway citing its inability to meet the demands of the film’s VFX.

In a recent interview, director of the film Shankar explains that, “2100 VFX shots were taken for the movie. The footage was given to a company, which in return promised to finish the film before Diwali. But, they were not able to complete the VFX work. Only after they began to work on the project, they realized the scale and depth of this project. And they gave us a new date, based on which we released the audio in Dubai. And yet again they failed to complete the project on the promised date.”

Shankar revealed that 2.0 was way too big for the studio in question. The filmmakers were told that the completion may take another year. “When we decided to take the movie to a bigger studio, we realized it will cost us more. And the migration was a big challenge in itself. Transporting all the footage from one studio to another is equivalent to uprooting a big tree and replanting it in a different city,” he added.

Shankar revealed that Rajinikanth has already watched 2.0 and is very satisfied with the final output. 2.0 is the first Indian film to be shot entirely in the 3D format with the help of state-of-the-art technology. In addition to the visual effects, the film is also said to have been enhanced by the most advanced sound technology to date.

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