The latest Harry Potter mobile game will take you back to the Hogwarts world just like in the book

The latest Harry Potter mobile game released today and it is now available for download on iOS and Android for free.

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You can now enroll at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry just like in the story. Right from being sorted to houses to taking classes, players can now live the virtual lives at Hogwarts.

The Los Angeles mobile games studio Jam City released today it’s Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Game.

Jam City has developed the game in partnership with Warner Bros. and the game was launched under Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s Portkey Games, a label dedicated to creating first-person gaming experiences for mobile devices and consoles based on J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series.

Matt London, a senior narrative designer at Jam City told engadget ,”You’ll see characters like Professor Dumbledore, Professor Snape, Hagrid, and many more, who’ll appear and interact with the player character, during the game. In addition, there are a bunch of new characters as well, that we’re introducing.”

London added, “It was super important to us, that all Harry Potter fans feel like they can create a character that looks like them, and know that they belong in Hogwarts.”

Players can customize their character’s clothes and hairstyle using the game’s currency which can be purchased for real-world money or accumulated by completing various in-game tasks like just most others.

The story of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is set in the 1980s. In the game, players will progress as a student through Hogwarts, joining one of its four houses. Players will be able to create and upgrade personalized characters using an avatar customization system, learn an arsenal of magical skills, and form relationships with other students.

According to some tech blogs, the game’s major selling point is the depth of it’s story. While some have highly rated the game, some others are calling it mindless entertainment.

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