Stories that will inspire you to travel!

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What makes travel so special? Many would agree that it’s the people you meet along the way. asked travellers to share their most incredible hospitality stories, inviting guests to nominate their #BookingHero: someone working at their accommodation who went above and beyond to make their trip unforgettable.

They read many beautiful stories, but three stood out. And now they’ve turned these stories into videos, as a way of saying thank you to these unsung heroes.

Watch them here – and if you have a favourite, share it on social media so you can say thank you to the people who help make travel great too.

Introducing their 2017 Booking Heroes…

On a trip abroad, he found his home

David and his wife Virginia took a trip from Canada to Scotland to find the house where his dad was born. They were ready to give up when Karen, Owner of Blackburn Villa B&B, made a surprising discovery.

An accident turned strangers into family

Harry and his girlfriend Nienke were at the top of Ella Rock in Sri Lanka when he fell. Helpless, they arrived at Tunnel Gap Homestay, where heavily-pregnant owner Sudarshi took them in.

Saving a newlywed couple’s dream

Els always dreamed of having her wedding photos taken in New York City. But when everything went wrong, Alina from citizenM Hotel took matters into her own hands.

So happy booking your next travel!