Gigi Hadid x Maybelline Collection Review

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2017 was about Hollywood celebrities banking big on beauty right: Kylie and her Cosmetics Empire, Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty, Kim’s makeup line— and then came, Gigi Hadid x Maybelline. But none of them is like the other. So, Kylie’s got her lips and Kim has her contour, of course, Gigi’s better known for her athleisure-heavy personal style. According to the model, the collection is “for the people who are maybe intimidated to do full glam every day.”

Currently they have launched two shades of eyebrow pencils, liquid liner, gel liner, fibre mascara and 6 lipsticks. We were very enthusiastic to try this line of make-up from Hollywood’s IT girl. Keep scrolling to find out if it’s actually worth all that hype for Indian skin tones.

Maybelline New York Gigi Hadid Lipsticks Review

• The lipsticks glided smoothly.
• The formula is highly pigmented and even a single swipe is enough to give it an opaque coat of colour.
• While it claims to be creamy matte, it leans towards a creamy satin finish.
• Super comfortable and easy to reapply.

• Doesn’t last a meal.
• By the end of the day, most of the colour was still intact but the soft sheen and lipstick from inside of the lips had faded.

Price: Rs. 550

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West Coast Lipsticks


A true red in buttery finish.


A tomato red, which looks great on medium and olive skin tone.


An orange based red, which will tie in with the golden hues of eye shadow palettes. Also the most vibrant. It’s a cool toned red which will work for all skin tones.



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East Coast Lipsticks


This nutty shade lipstick has that uncanny ability to look good no matter which skin tone it is applied to.


A warm burnt-red shade that’s very lightweight. Good for very fair/pale skin. Not for Indian skin tones for sure, it will wash out most skin tones.


This sheer burgundy lipstick is a very unique shade which looks great on all skin tones.




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Maybelline New York Gigi Hadid Dual Ended Fibre Mascara, Black

A dual- end mascara with tiny fibres for your biggest lashes yet. First, you apply a coat of mascara as usual, then you brush on the tiny white fibers encased in the opposite end of the tube, which build up your natural lashes before you seal them in with another coat of the mascara. (Don’t try brushing the fibers onto your bare lashes, as I did at first; they’ll just fall into your eyes, which hurts.)

The mascara wand lengthens the lashes and the fibres add volume, so it works both ways and gives pretty good results.
Very effective, non-clumpy mascara.

Expensive in comparison to other volumizing mascaras.

Price: Rs. 699



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Maybelline New York Gigi Hadid Felt Tip Liquid Liner, Black Review

This glossy liquid liner makes cat-eye flick easy, even for beginners.

It’s a fine, brush tip pen eyeliner.
The tip is not felt tip and very soft and bendy like a brush.
You can draw fine lines with it and it’s pretty smooth.
It’s not the blackest black but you can layer it up 1-2 times.
It stays put for 6-7 hours and does not smudge or transfer.

Not completely water proof.

Price: Rs 499

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Maybelline New York Gigi Hadid Ultra Fluffy Brow Pencil Review

The eyebrow pencils are a favourite from this collection.

The texture is waxy and not creamy.
It’s not too pigmented and hence doesn’t deposit too much colour on one area.
It stays put well through the day.
The angled tip eases application.

I only wish it came with a spoolie, as you will need to use a separate spoolie to brush out the colour for a more natural look.

Price: Rs 550

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Maybelline New York Gigi Hadid Eyeliner, Black Review

A gel-based pencil that glides without a hitch.

The gel liner is very smooth and buttery, it’s not like a kajal but more like a gel pencil.
If you are looking for a smooth kajal pencil which doesn’t smudge much, you can give this a try.

The quantity is way too less.

Price: Rs 350