Blind Item: Actress rethinking of sexual harassment allegations now terming them gossip

In a Blind Item doing the rounds, an actress who had come up with sexual harassment allegations earlier though not out in the open against her male co-star is rethinking of taking them back and have now started to term them as gossip.

A lead hero of an upcoming movie has been levied with sexual harassment allegations on the ground that he has been misbehaving with the newbie lead actress of the film.

The hero however have denied the allegations calling them fabricated and smear dirt stories. The director of the same project who has also faced sexual harassment allegations by several women have been suspended from his job by the production house who have refused to work with any sexual offenders.

The director however had backed his lead actor against the harassment and misbehavior allegations that has been put on the actor in the recent times. The actress has chosen to stay mum through out the episode, the actor is clarifying his stand on social media by sharing screenshots of his chat.

A source close to the actress informed in the reports the real reason behind her keeping mum about this grave issue. “When the internal enquiry happened, she was asked about those allegations on the actor to which she said ‘What allegations? I never said anything. That was all cooked up’. Later, she discussed with her team and they arrived on the conclusion that it’s better to stay mum. Because if she speaks up and the actor is asked to opt out of the project, then the movie will go for a toss. And under no circumstances does she want the project to get shelves, since it is her debut film. Hence she has been advised to keep quiet,” informs the insider.

Given that the allegations weren’t said on record by the lady in question, it’s easier for her to change her stand now. But we wonder will it undo the damage that has happened for the lead hero?!

Also, everyone is wondering now why hasn’t she spoken up yet about the fresh reportage that is happening against this popular actor since the past few days, owing to which he had to share his ‘personal conversation’ screenshots with the lady. Is something fishy?

Can you guess who the lady and the hero in question here is ?

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