Alia Bhatt’s heartfelt message to sister Shaheen on her new book and her battling depression

Alia Bhatt pens a heartwarming letter to sister Shaheen Bhatt on her struggle with depression and releasing a book on her journey with the illness.

On World Mental Health Day this year, Shaheen released the book which is an account of her struggles with depression.

After reading her sister’s book titled, ‘I’ve never been (un)happier,’ Alia shared a message on her social media account for sister Alia.

The video starts with Alia and Shaheen in their childhood days. Alia says, “Dear Shaheen, do you remember that one random evening when you were small and I was very small and you we decided to have a dance party with grandpa, mama and I.”

Alia talking about her sister says, “Whenever I look at that video all I can see is your magnetic, extremely joyous spirit. Even today when I’m home after a long day of work or if I’m just sulking cuz of life just one look at your older but sparkling brown eyes just lights up my heart like you can’t imagine.”

Speaking about Shaheen’s debut book, Alia said, “And that’s why when I read your very first book, a book that you have written with so much ease and honesty, while I struggle to write you one simple letter, I feel awful. I feel terrible because despite living with you for 25 years, I have never really understood your silent moments of depression. I never recognized a snappy moment as something much bigger.”

“Every time you refused to go out for dinner, I would think she rather sit at home and watch TV, be alone, not that you couldn’t bring yourself to get out of bed,” she added.

Thanking her sister for educating her about depression, Alia said, “Today you have connected to me on a basic, human level. And you have taught me so much more about life.”

She concluded the video by apologizing to her sister for not understanding her.

While at the verge of breaking down, she said, “I know you hate the fact that we all are saying sorry to you, but take the apology because even though we love you, I don’t think we understood what you were going through.”

On Friday night, Alia Bhatt shared a post on her Instagram and wrote, “Dear Shaheen.. Somehow when I finished reading your book I couldn’t tell you how I felt immediately because I felt too much and I don’t think I could ever discuss it with you properly.. I’ve tried now!”

Shaheen launched her book on World Mental Health Day. Along with the cover page of the book, she wrote, “And finally, here she is. Today, on World Mental Health Day I’d like to proudly (and shakily) introduce you to my first book, I’ve Never Been (Un)Happier – an account of my life with depression.”

Sharing the same book cover Alia shared, “I always known my sister was brilliant. She’s been my hero, my role model and a being I’ve aspired to be like in life cause of her inherent goodness, warmth, heart, supremely kick ass sarcastic sense of humor and so on.. Today her first book is out.. And today I think I can safely say she’s gone from brilliance to MAGIC.. Tanna I love you.. And lets just say this is just the beginning.. Today and everyday I’m grateful and proud to be your sister @shaheenb #NeverBeenUnhappier”

For those who want to buy the book it’s available for sale already.

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