Hi Readers!

My name is Kripalini Kalita and I am the creator and writer of every article of Bigbollywoodata. Firstly, thanks for visiting the website as it’s you and only you that keeps me going.

Right from childhood I carried an undying passion for the world of cinema, celebrities and music. Hence, despite wanting to pursue a Management degree, I ended up doing a Masters Course in Journalism. Landed with a journalism job which gave me an exposure to the world of digital media, but as I failed to connect in a 9 to 5 job, I thought I could bring a lot more to the table with my ideas which could not materialize for years and only remained a dream.

After years of leaving journalism and foraying into sales and marketing for a few years I finally decided to combine passion and skill and ease my long lived dream of owning my own Entertainment News Website.

The world of digital media always kept calling as I loved surfing the net and spend hours reading blogs and articles. What more? As the time came in a situation to choose carrying on with my sales marketing job or starting on my own and finally living my passion for the world of cinema, glitz, glamour, fashion, beauty, I happily chose later and launched my own platform to express to the world of what I myself love to read and follow.

Bollywood gossips and glamour entailed me since time immemorial and I cannot be more happy to be able to put it out to the world too! After all who doesn’t like to read about films and celebrities?!! I’m sure I could count them as they’re just a handful.

So folks, I hope you would love to be associated with Bigbollywoodata for a long time to come. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

So hop on, and be entertained and happy because that’s what matters after all. Bigbollywoodata is sure to keep you happy and entertained as we would work our ass off to do that for you. Bye. Love you folks!

Kripalini Kalita