5 reasons not to miss watching Shankar’s 2.0 as it’s going to set landmarks as a visual spectacle!

2.0 director Shankar is a maestro when it comes to VFX and he’s proved it strong enough in the past with his films, Mudhalvan, Sivaji: The Boss and Robot and now he’s coming back harder than ever with 2.0.

With it being Asia’s biggest film ever in terms of budget as well as the release, this is sure to set many trends and break records.

We give you five reasons to not miss watching this huge, magnificent and spectacular treat on the big screen this week.

2.0 is India’s first film to be shot entirely in 3D cameras. So far only Hollywood biggies like Ang Lee’s Life of Pi, James Cameron’s Avatar and Cuaron’s Gravity has been shot in 3D.

The sound of the film is crafted to give an amazing experience. Sound Designer Resul Pookutty worked on and developed a unique sound for the film called 4D SRL (Shankar-Resul-Lyca), which allows the sound to be ambient and all encompassing.

The director has been requesting exhibitors to switch to SRL, which requires a speaker under every seat and transports the audience in the middle of the action. The sound design helps propel an immersive experience of the film.

Thirdly, the VFX is the main highlight of the film. Having been in post-production for nearly two years, 2.0 is India’s most VFX-heavy film of all time.

According to a video explainer released by the makers of 2.0, Shankar revealed there were 2150 VFX shots, native 3D, animatronics, 1300 pre-visualisation shots and virtual camera technology, in the film. And all this work was outsourced from 15 different companies and nearly 1000 VFX artistes.

As we had already reported, Asia’s biggest film, Shankar’s 2.0 cost an approximate $75 million dollar (Rs 540 crore) to make. That is Rs 100 crore more than the Baahubali films.

This makes it the most expensive film to have ever been made in Asia. Using state-of-the-art technology that’s been developed especially for it (something rare for Indian films), it’s no surprise that the budget kept ballooning and the release date kept getting pushed.

Not to miss, Shankar has managed one of the most high-profile north-south crossover by bringing together a superstar of the magnitude of Rajinikanth with the blockbuster viability of Akshay Kumar.

With Kumar playing the antagonist, Shankar has managed a bit of a casting coup, after Shah Rukh Khan was in talks of doing Enthiran before Rajinikanth came on board. Kumar’s makeup as the ‘bird man-type’ character took about four hours every day.

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